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.With some good music playing in the background, we began our collages.One friend planted herself on my bed in the bedroom.Another worked in the kitchen.Several stayed in the living room, while others picked different corners in the dining room.Every now and then someone would call out for a particular kind of picture, like a cart of flowers, an airplane, or a pair of sneakers.I focused on my needs for school.A wonderful woman named Mary Joyce Green had told me about the Minority Fellowship Program offered by the American Sociological Association (ASA).While my area of studies was organizational behavior, not sociology, the ASA was open as long as your area of study involved some aspect of minority life, which mine did.So on my Picture Prayer I put a photocopy of the application for the fellowship that I had recently completed.My affirmation was short: “God help me find a way to pay for school.”An hour later, we gathered back in our circle to look at our sacred work.Each Picture Prayer looked like a work of art.They were beautiful.One by one, we explained the meanings of our prayers in pictures.My friend who called out for the picture of a cart of flowers wanted to start a garden in her yard.The one who added an airplane dreamed of traveling to Italy.My girlfriend with the picture of sneakers wanted to go to the gym on a regular basis.And on and on the circle went.We listened intently and lovingly.It wasn’t so much that we wanted major changes in our lives; rather, we wanted simple things that would make each day a little bit sweeter.When everyone was finished, a friend who was attending divinity school said a closing prayer.We ate wonderful food and talked in great expectation.Gradually the reports came in.We each received a postcard from Trish as a token of her trip to Italy.Joanette invited us to her garden for tea.Another friend lost weight.As for me, I received a letter from the American Sociological Association congratulating me on my scholarship.I was an ASA Minority Fellow, with funding for the next three years of schooling.Over the years my Picture Prayers have changed.I have moved away from placing pictures of material things and have started to use images that relate to my spiritual needs.I now create peaceful and spiritual images to remind me to deepen my faith and connection to God.My Picture Prayers are full and colorful, but when my life is complex and hectic, I deliberately make my Picture Prayer simple.It is a reminder for me to slow down.There are pictures of my godchildren and my students.Of course, there is Belle, my Jack Russell terrier, with me at the beach.There are books, because I love to read and write.It is a centering and loving process.* * *Invisible Acts: The EssentialsCreating a perfect work-life balance used to be the gold standard.But in the new, more complex corporate landscape, that’s not enough.Work and life have become so entwined that you must find a way to manage them not separately but as a whole.Can you have at it all? Yes, but probably not all at once.Like many other women, particularly working mothers, you’ll need to figure out your own way to make it all work together.If you’re in a relationship—partnered or dating—find ways to connect with your loved one.Talk to family members, children included, about what your job and career mean to you.Be honest about what you’re going through, and ask for help if necessary.If you’re single, be vigilant about finding ways to stay connected to other people.You can’t advance unless you work, produce, and show results.But you also must pay attention to your own needs and health—physical, emotional, and spiritual.Remember that you can have the life that you want and deserve—including a thriving, satisfying career.IT’S YOUR TIMEThank you for your time and attention.I sincerely hope you’ve seen yourself in this book and that, like a GPS, it’s helped you as you navigate your own career terrain.I am excited for you and for all that’s ahead.It’s a good time; it’s your time.The door has been kicked wide open, and there’s a place for you at the table.In fact, there has never been a better time and more opportunity for women in the corporate marketplace.You might have to pull up a chair—or even bring your own—but the place setting is there.It’s up to you to claim it.Even as I write this, the economic crisis looms large and long.It demands a complete transformation of corporations worldwide.Companies and entire industries throughout the country and around the world must reinvent themselves or die.You may be feeling the pressure and the pain, but know that companies need us more than ever.Corporations are on the lookout for new, fresh, diverse talent to reimagine and guide a new global economy.When this economic crisis ends, they will be looking even harder.The fact is, it’s a numbers game.Within the next three or four years, women and people of color will make up 83 percent of the incoming international workforce; globally, white men will constitute only 3 percent.Europe is already having trouble matching qualified people with open positions.In the United States, for the first time ever, women are poised to become the majority of the workforce.We are the leaders of tomorrow…and today.Leadership comes naturally to women.We are flexible, organized, and great at juggling; multitasking is our mantra.We work well with others and know how to manage up and down.If there’s something we don’t know, we’re not afraid to ask about it, listen, and learn.Now is the time to make opportunities happen.Now is the time to create a new vision of yourself as a professional and a woman [ Pobierz całość w formacie PDF ]